Email management main page

This page will allow you to enter emails for everyone on your squad.  There is documentation below. 

Enter email/contact info for your debaters (Directors only) .  This page can also be used to view emails and passwords.

Enter email/contact info for your judges (Directors only) .  Please note that this will reduce the need for tournaments to collect this information at registration.

Send emails to your squad or district

Help/find your debateresults email password

Change competitor email or contact info (for competitors) .  Note: Judge contact information can be changed  by returning to the main menu, clicking on the "Enter, edit, and remove the names of judges and competitors" link, and then the edit link next to the appropriate judge.

View emails/contact info .  Users can opt to allow their emails to be displayed for public use.  All emails for users who opt in will be displayed.  You must be logged in to use this function.



Entering email and cell phone information will allow you to receive email and text messages from the tournament director when the pairings are released.  The messages will be personalized and tell you who you are debating or judging.  This information can also be used for district mailing lists, and directors can use it to contact their squads.  It will required 10-15 minutes of setup.


Click on the top 2 links on this page, and create a password for all students (you can do this with one button click).  You then need to either (a) enter the student emails, or (b) give students their passwords and tell them to enter their own emails.  They can also change their passwords if you'd like.


The director must first enter either a password or email (or both) following the instructions above.

Judges and competitors must make sure that their contact information is accurate. 

Competitors can do this by either obtaining their password from the directors and clicking ont he "Change competitor email or contact info" link above.  If your director has entered your email but not your password you can obtain the password by clicking on the "Help/find your debateresutls email password" link.

Note: When the director clicks the button to send email, debateresults will automatically generate an email for all users with email entered in the tournament.  The email will include a full listing of all participants for your school.  It will also send a text message to all judges or competitors who have entered a cell phone and carrier address.  The text message will include only information about the specific judge or team, not the entire school.  If you wish to receive only the email, do not enter your cell phone number or do not enter a carrier address.  There is a help page that will assist you in finding your carrier address.

Judge cell phone and carrier information can be changed  by returning to the main menu, clicking on the "Enter, edit, and remove the names of judges and competitors" link, and then the edit link next to the appropriate judge


WHY ENTER EMAIL INFORMATION HERE?  In order to receive tournament updates, such as round posting and in-tournament announcements, contact information for student competitors and judges needs to be collected.  A side benefit to collecting this information is that can then be used as a portal to manage your squad email conatct info.  Students can also indicate that they want their email to be shared, eliminating the need for the "Student X...please get in touch" messages on edebate. /p>

WHY DO I HAVE TO TYPE IN ALL THE EMAILS?  Once you have entered the emails the first time, students can then retrieve their passwords and change the email whenever they want.  If you wish, you can simply go to the "enter email for your debaters" page, click the button to automatically generate passwords, print the page, give the students their passwords, and then tell them to enter their own emails.

CAN MY STUDENTS UPDATE THEIR OWN EMAILS?  Yes, after you have entered a password and shared it with them OR entered their email and a password.