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This site is ONLY for college tournaments. All high school tournaments (including Long Beach) have been moved to a different site. Click here to get to the high school site.


NOTE: As of the 2011-2012 season, all schools have both general use and administrative passwords.  To access sensitive information (the Director's Page, bid ranks pages, school account administration, etc.), you MUST log in with the administrative password.  The general use password can still be used for tournament and mutual preference entry.  Please note the while the entry passwords are not, the administrative passwords are case sensitive.



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This website is a community service and is designed to support the Southern California Urban Debate League.  Some of our initial class is shown below; you can learn more about the SCUDL or how to support SCUDL efforts.   If you've benefitted from this site, please take a moment to consider how to make debate opportunities for everyone!