Jon Bruschke -- CSU Fullerton

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Judging philosophy:

JUDGING PHILOSOPHY FOR JON BRUSCHKE Many rounds, many tournaments
1. WHEN IN DOUBT (and I usually have lots of doubts), I WILL VOTE FOR THE TEAM THAT EXPLAINS THEIR ARGUMENT IN MORE DEPTH. In good debates, usually the evidence really does clash, the arguments do conflict, and nobody drops anything really important. To break the tie, I will usually pull the trigger for the team that explained why their argument was right in more depth or the team that took more time trying to compare the evidence.

2. I HATE HOSTILE CX. It is unpleasant to watch and never gets anyone anywhere. Don't get in a screaming match and if you find yourself in one, keep in mind that I will credit the first person to pull back for restoring order.

3. I WON'T CALL FOR CARDS UNLESS YOU TELL ME WHY I SHOULD. So you know, "Their cards suck -- call for them after the round" does NOT count as a reason. If each team is offering a different interpretation of the same card, I'll call for the card. Otherwise, I won't spend my time reading the cards after the round to find out the things that you should have been talking about during the round.

4. IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, TELL A JOKE AND HAVE FUN. Debate is a good activity, but not if you're wound up so tight that you aren't enjoying yourself. There is no professional debate; you are only doing this because you like it. Don't lose sight of that.

5. So, I have this reputation as a critical hack and it is more than partially deserved, especially based on what my teams to do. But I would like to say that I’m not at hostile to substantive debate, and I do wish I heard more rounds that involved case turns. Toni Nielson had me pegged when she described me by saying “In his heart, Jon is a pragmatist liberal.” Do with this what you will, but if you have the goods on a case, don’t feel like you have to K it up because I’m in the back of the room, although if you make arguments about the “wrong Forum” you’ll do best if you’re comparing the Laker’s old home with the Staples Center. I spend my spare time in faculty meetings doodling mustaches on the face of Jacques Derrida.

Free evidence!!!
All of the following are actual quotes. Feel free to use them in your debate rounds.

J. F. Smith, The Coming Currency Collapse, 1981
"The dollar will be rendered utterly worthless, probably within 3 years."

Colin Deal, Author of Christ Returns by 1988, 1981
"One of the most astounding books of this generation!"

John Fitzgerald Kennedy "If someone is going to kill me, they are going to kill me."

Widow of Karl Marx
"Yes, we were happy enough, but I wash dear Karl could have spent some time acquiring capital instead of merely writing about it."

Thomas Macaulty, 1859
"The more I read [about Socrates] the less I wonder that they poisoned him."

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