Sweetie Shelly -- City Univ. of New York

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Judging philosophy:

From Vik:

Sweetie debated for 2 years at CUNY in Novice and JV. She ran pretty straight forward affs and the usual assortment of regional da's, cp's, and k's. She's judged a number of debates with new debaters on the team and in high school.

She is in her last semester of college, and is interning part time in DC, and is volunteering to assist the team. She will be judging novice only until this changes or Neil Berch and C-Web say they need her in JV because somehow CUNY is messing up the constraints, or if ADA rules demand it.

She's pretty straight forward - make your args clear, and your impact calculus good.

She is incredibly nice and supportive and wants to encourage newer debaters.

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