Pairings for 2012 District One NDT Qualifier & Pacific Champion
Tournament Calendar

Round number:  (Enter number for prelims or 12=doubles, 13=octos, 14=quarters, 15=semis, 16=finals).  Print instructions appear at the bottom of the page.


RoundJudgeFlipFlipRoomDivisionDecision EnteredAff InfoNeg InfoJudge Info
16ByeUSC Friedman-MohammedUSC Kaiser-NhanByeJVNo decision enteredAff InfoNeg InfoJudge Info
16Stables, Gordon / Maritato, Jimbo / Beier, Ian SacSt. Millen-SozaSDSU Everheart-KingCCB 205NoviceInAff InfoNeg InfoJudge Info
16Symonds, Adam / Johnson, Tony / Cochran, Travis USC Oh-PurkUNLV Bato-VeltoCCB 100OpenInAff InfoNeg InfoJudge Info


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