Information on cost and use

This on-line system is designed to manage high school policy, college policy, parliamentary, and individual events tournaments.  It also is a way to standardize college debate information for ranking reports, and is now available to all forensics communities for a very competitive rate.


It is easy to cross-reference the tournaments.  If you require payment in advance, you can manage fees on-line.


ALL PROCEEDS ARE USED TO SUPPORT THE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA URBAN DEBATE LEAGUE , a program designed to create competitive speech and debate opportunities for high schools that could not otherwise afford it.


The system is free to AFA and CEDA subscribers running policy tournaments.  This is my service to the community.  However, if you're guessing that this requires and incredible amount of time, work, and expertise to maintain, you're right.  If your tournament proceeds allow it, a $50 donation to the SCUDL is suggested.


Support is included at no charge in the fees.  However, you should recognize that I am an active debate coach and travel quite frequently.  I will make a concerted effort to responde to all reasonable requests in a way that is cognizant of the time-sensitive needs of users.


FEES: There is a $50 minimum to use the tournament-entry system. Fees are $2 per debate team entered, and 50 cents for each individual event slot entered.  Because we recognize that most tournaments will pay for this service out of the proceeds of the tournament, we request payment be submitted within 2 weeks of the completion of the tournament.


Click here to pay by credit card


Make checks payable to the "Southern California Urban Debate League."  Fees may be sent to:

Dr. Jon Bruschke

Dept. of Human Communication Studies

California State University, Fullerton

PO Box 6868

Fullerton, CA 92834


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