Leah Hubinger -- H.H. Dow High School

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Judging philosophy:

background- I debated for 4 years at Dow High school and am now a student at the university of Michigan.

Ks-I think Novices should avoid Kritiks unless they are super familiar with them and can very clearly explain them. If the alternative of your K doesn't function as a policy I need to hear a framework in which to view it.

T-I will vote on T and will view it as an apriori issue unless the Aff wins the argument of why it shouldn't be. I'd like a lot of work done on it to vote there.

Theory-- I will listen to theory when necessary, but hate voting on it. In my opinion it should be used as a gateway-- you need to win your theory arg before I can look at your argument itself (whether its a CP or K ect) then the K or CP flow becomes the determining factor on the ballot.

Weird arguments-- Narratives, performance and so forth will probably be hard to convince me of, so avoid if possible I guess.

DAs- Great!! especially if they have specific links!

Counterplans- I really like counterplans too, but I tend to think its abusive to run them conditionally. I also don't love shady PICs so the net benefits have to be really clearly explained.

Good luck everyone!!!

Other than that I'm pretty open. I like counterplans and interesting/ specific DAs and advantages. Moderate speed is fine, but I'd like to hear the warrants of the cards, so just make sure you're really clear. Good luck everyone!!

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