Shunta Jordan -- Pace Academy

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Judging philosophy:

*I typically judge at every tournament my teams attend.*
Short Version of my JP

I like a good topicality debate. This doesn't mean run dumb violations or some spec argument in front of me.
I would much rather hear a DA, CP, case throw down than a K debate.
I don't want to hear veto-cheato, line-item veto, referendum, spark, wipeout, some real arguments!
Please don't sacrifice clarity for speed.
Not likely to vote on theory unless a team screws it up or a team is proven to be "hella" abusive.
Will not give a debater more than 27 speaker points if he/she is not flowing during the debate. You can earn .5 additional speaker points if your flow is good and you show it to me at the end of the debate (compliments of T. Alderete).
My teams are paperless. If you are paperless, please be efficient in jumping speeches; I hate wasting time!
Don't pref me if you are in any way performance!

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