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Judging philosophy:

Debate should be fun. It is way too much work to do if you aren't having a good time. That being said, I try to leave the round open to whatever the participants want to do. Judge intervention telling debaters what they should and shouldn't say isn't something I'm a fan of, so the only thing I'll intervene about would be new 2AR arguments. I don't have too many "preferences" about what fills the debate space, but here are some things that tend to guide the way I see debate.

If neither team tells me how I should view the debate or what the role of the ballot is, then I guess I default to a policy maker. Debaters should tell me in the round if they think I should assume another role. If you win that your framework is preferable to the other team's then win that argument and that will determine what lens I use to view the round.

I tend to like plans or some interpretation of the resolution. All types of performance debate and using the resolution as a metaphor, etc. are fine in front of me, but I've never actually participated in that type of debate, so I find I'm probably more comfortable juding rounds that involve fiat, DA's, CP's, T violations, kritiks, etc.

Theory is something that I'm fine with, but I usually default negative on a lot of questions. I don't think PICs are bad, conditionality is probably a good thing, process CP's probably aren't the most educational type of stategy, but the affirmative should be able to beat them on substance because they seem a little silly any way, but if there is a strong case made and the debate becomes deep on theory, I'm willing to vote on it. Most of the time I see theory brought up it ends up being a throw away strategy and there isn't a whole lot invested content-wise.

Debate the way you feel most comfortable and run the arguments that you are strongest on.

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