Robbie Quinn -- Montgomery Bell

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Judging philosophy:

I have no prejudices to any argument type. I’m sensitive to the recent need to provide defenses of types of debate as those styles and topics are being presented, but nevertheless I’m open to any type. I determine which way to evaluate T based on who most convinces me of the superiority of a certain way to evaluate T. I’ve been recently concerned that basing T on competing interpretations, while it does make T very strategic, makes T lose some of its overall value. At the same time, reasonability is a vague idea to me if not well qualified. As for CP theory, the same paradigm applies.

Critiques: I think critiques have the potential to be debated differently than CP’s or DA’s even though lots of people treat them like any other argument in the way they describe them. I do enjoy these debates, but I have to admit that there’s much that I don’t know about, so don’t assume I’m versed in the language or literature of particular authors. The best critique debates I’ve seen have involved a detailed analysis of the case and its structure, language, and assumptions. The worst I’ve seen have involved unexplained blanket statements peppered with clichés and a disregard for the role of the judge. I think "Vote Negative" is perhaps the worst K alternative imaginable.

Evidence: I am generally concerned by debaters who rely on “cross-apply my evidence” to make an argument instead of explaining the claim itself or offering anecdotal or empirical support for an argument. If you want me to prefer your evidence to their assertions or to their evidence, I must be given reasons to prefer your evidence combined with analytical explanation of the arguments central to the debate.

I like humor, stories, and creative uses of historical examples. Cross-ex is very important to me and I watch it closely. I think it sways my thinking on key issues.

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