Kayla Gerick -- Mukwonago HS

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Judging philosophy:

Topicalilty, I enjoy hearing creative T arguements. I will definately vote on them if well supported. But this is not to say that I enjoy hearing definitions that the AFF could never meet. If such abuse occurs, I would be willing to listen to reverse voter.

Speed, If I didn't hear it, it didn't happen.

New in 2NC, No, please bring up all arguements in the 1NC and THEN let your partner finish what you do not in the 2NC, but make sure they are announced.

Theory, I don't like seeing rounds dominated by theory. Please pay attention to my comments regarding offcase arugments below.

K, MUST have an ALT. Also, must go beyond just plain rejecting the AFF. Some sort of action must/should be taken.

CP, Must be non-topical. I tend to think that 'pics' can get abusive quickly.

CX, I don't like open CX. The more you do it, the more your speaker points will suffer.

Behavior, no abousive language. Do not read over the speakers shoulders and please wait until a speaker is finished before you take their cards. (COMMON SENSE)

Seasonal voting record:

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