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Judging philosophy:

I find philosophies disingenuous. I will try to be fair as I can. If I make a mistake, please forgive me, but don't argue with me. I'll explain my thinking, and you can evaluate the goodness or the badness of my decision. I would hope that if you lose the round you ask yourself what you could have done differently to have persuaded me to vote for you and not that I somehow cheated you out of a ballot.

I am hard pressed to say that I always vote for this or that argument or that I like K's or CPs with a net benefit--that kind of thing. Too many folks say one thing and turn around and do something else. I guess I might be one of those unreliable narrators; the difference between me and most, I suppose, is that I will acknowledge my caprice.

That being said, I will try to listen to all arguments and try to evaluate them as they are delivered in the round. Theory and abuse arguments have to be clearly argued for me to follow them. I find myself looking to ignore them more often than not if the debate is close. I am not sure if I think the policy framework is more fair or easier to use when I judge, but I think I am more at ease in those debates. That is not to say I don't like the other theory and K debates but I come from a state that is not especially critical these days and am likely to be a step or two behind your state.

I like overviews in the last two rebuttals that portend to write the ballot or at least frame the round for me. I like to judge based on what the debaters say is most important. They help me take the easy way out in my decisions because you do all the work. In the end and in a perfect world, I will vote for the best story I think. But maybe not. I am not so sure you can trust anything anyone says. Finally, this response is not meant to be flip or obtuse. I am just trying to be honest. My philosophy is that I will try as hard as I can and please forgive me when I goof.

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