joseph buzzelli -- Saint Ignatius

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Judging philosophy:

I am the forensic adviser at Saint Ignatius high school in Cleveland, Ohio. I was a competitor in policy debate and have been a coach for more than 30 years. My judging experience includes mostly state, national and the TOC circuit. I have had several state championships in policy debate, championship speakers and respectable runs at the TOC tournament qualifiers over the years.

I prefer to allow the debate to evolve at the direction of the teams and will listen to most any arguments that are substantiated with logic, reasoning, know, debate.

I tend to be tabula rasa, do not follow "open" cross-x, become upset over angry, abusive conduct between debaters but will listen to reason.

I seldom ask to see evidence unless it is absolutely critical to the decision...brought up by both teams and blatantly contradictory. I will NOT re-run the round like I think it should have gone but only on what the teams say in the round. kritics are okay especially if they are really developed, carefully crafted and debated throughout the round. I think camps are fun places for people to go but not doing updates or really knowing what is said in cards/briefs is inexcusable. Citing evidence decades old does not help the immediacy of the debate as well. Debate should be fun, educational and enriching.

I do not debate the debaters in round or after the round. I will offer comments but not engage in debate over the decision.

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